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When it comes to saving money on repairs to your major appliances, if you can find repair parts for less, you can end up knocking a lot of money off of the cost of the repair. That’s why so many people have come to depend on Hiawatha’s newest repair parts store for wholesale and retail repair parts.

Appliance-Parts Supply is a home-grown business with a long list of clients who count on our expertise to find the lowest priced repair parts on the market. We sell OEM parts for less than you will find buying directly from the appliance parts’ manufacturer and our repair parts are manufactured by all of the leading brands.

For large and small repairs, at Appliance-Parts Supply we have repair parts at wholesale prices everyday! We sell drain pump assemblies, seal rings for pressure cookers, cables for coffee pots, wiring for dryer cords, and so much more! Whether you are planning on fixing the appliance yourself or if you are looking to hire an appliance repair person, finding appliance repair parts for below the market price is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing quality.

Our motto is “don’t toss it, fix it” because we know that many appliances can be salvaged at a small cost if you know where to find the parts and an honest repairer to install them. Well, you have half of the job covered when you choose Appliance-Parts Supply in Hiawatha. You are guaranteed to have the largest selection of retail and wholesale repair parts anywhere around!

You won’t find any other repair parts store in Hiawatha that can offer you prices that beat the manufacturer’s price on such a wide range of products as we do at Appliance-Parts Supply! We have built relationships with retailers and manufacturers over more than 30 years in the retail appliance repair parts business that enable us to guarantee you the best deals!

Drop in to our new Hiawatha offices today and have a look around the store!