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The owner of Appliance-Parts Supply in Hiawatha, IA got his start more than 30 years ago working in appliances as a he teenaged errand boy for a Washington, IA appliance store. Over the years he progressed and was taught appliance repair. He went on to work in appliance parts sales to managing a wholesale and retail appliance parts store, to selling wholesale appliance parts throughout Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Finally, in April 2012 he started our company, Appliance-Parts Supply in Delmar, IA and now we have officially opened our second location right here in Hiawatha! Our philosophy for broken down appliances is that if you check Appliance-Parts Supply first, you can find the appliance parts you need to repair your appliances and you won’t have to get rid of them. Don’t toss it, fix it!

Let us order a part for you at incredible wholesale prices, often cheaper than what you can find buying parts from the original manufacturer of your appliance! We make finding appliance repair parts easy and cost effective so that you can extend the life of your current appliances until you are ready to replace them!

You don’t have to junk your old dishwasher or microwave just because of a malfunction. Come to our Hiawatha office and find the wholesale appliance parts you need to get your appliances back up and running!